Divisional Round

  • 1-3. We told you to pick your underdogs carefully

  • The Colts and Chargers didn’t show up, and we lost Saints when Will Lutz missed a 52 yd FG.

  • Will Lutz bombs the ball by the way. He kicks extra points like Matt Stafford throws a swing pass. Like 100 mph

Wild Card Round

  • 4-0 baby!

  • More than a third of the way to 11-0

  • We owe Sebastian Janikowski one for setting up the 2pt conversions to get the cover.

Week 16

  • Yes, 10-6 counts towards the playoff push

  • Man, the NFL season is long. We’re coming up on 256 games picked. Hopefully we had a decent hit rate of entertaining takes on these games

  • Best take so far: Falcons going to win out just to troll the fans.


Week 15

  • OK, not a great start to the playoff push.

  • The playoff push starts now. Unless we go 8-8 again.

  • The NFC East remains a clusterf*ck. The Skins may win it. Just bet against whatever team makes the playoffs.


Week 14

  • Time for the playoff push - 3 weeks to go

  • All of our fireball levels are above 50% for the season. Our irrational confidence scale appears to also be irrational.

  • Time for Saturday football starting week 15!


Week 13

  • Is November the new September?

  • Used to be that the “good” teams showed up starting October, Week 5

  • This year it might be week 13 when Seattle and the Pats start to pay attention to get into the playoffs at 11-5.


Week 12

  • We didn’t really believe the Giants were going to 8-0 to finish the year. They’re going to play close games the rest of the way. Maybe 7-9.

  • Also, that was a leg whip on the last play. 15 yard penalty. #sourgrapes.

  • In more relevant news, we killed it on Sunday/Monday. 10-2. Made up for our 0-3 Thursday.


Week 11

  • 10 of the 13 games last week decided by 5 points or less.

  • Only 2 teams scored less than 16 (Eagles and TItans), and they got blown away.

  • Indy is playing really well. Indy/Saints may be the matchup.

  • The Impossible Dream continues - Giants on 2 game winning streak


Week 10

  • That was dangerous. We called the turn, that the books wouldn’t get creamed again.

  • We were partway right, which means we caught the knife without a trip to the hospital

  • Like the Giants, we’ll take the victories when we can.

  • Tune in next week for more contrarian picks that sound intriguing but really are just very risky.


Week 9

  • We remain on fire. 15-3 since the late games last week

  • 5-0 in the 3 Fireballs

  • Didn’t need the backdoor cover in Big D. Something is wrong with the Cowboys.


Week 8

  • On fire in the late games. 5-0 to salvage another above .500 week

  • Halfway through the season and feels like things are shaking out to normal. The Pats are good. The NFC East is a dumpster fire. The Giants are the tire fire inside of the dumpster.


Week 7

  • Oof.

  • Good news: The Double Gronk (69-69 record) is a real possibility


Week 6

  • We keep squeaking out the over .500 weeks.

  • 1 Fireball picks came back to earth a bit. Just .500 on all of those

  • If we go 1 over .500 the rest of the season we’ll be 14 games over .500 at the end. Is that good? It certainly would be boring.


Week 5

  • 8-5 going into Sunday night for the second week in a row, a shot at 10-5.

  • 10-5 for 2 straight weeks is “hey, we should pay attention to these guys” territory.

  • But we gacked it. Both times. .500 is “I’ll read a little because one of them is my friend. Kind of.” territory.

  • Bet the 1 Fireball picks. We may put those behind a paywall.


Week 4

  • A good week. Only ones we missed badly were Bills and of course, the Giants.

  • The 1-Fireball bets continue to rock. Remember that our scale is an Irrational Confidence scale. So are you surprised that the games we’re most confident about are basically toss-ups?


Week 3

  • You see the correct strategy to adopt? Over .500 on the 1 Fireball picks.

  • There just wasn’t enough FitzMagic to help us get over .500 for the week.

  • Everyone thought the Pats were done last year at this time, too. Don’t sleep on them or the Seahawks.



Week 2

  • Week 2 is hard. Difficult to decide what Kool-Aid to drink.

  • We took the Blue pill. Because we are definitely out of Wonderland.


Week 1

  • An optimist looks at this and says “we’re .500 or better on every type of bet”

  • A pessimist looks at this and says “your bets bets were your worst ones”

  • We look at it and say “The Giants are still the Giants”


2017 Results

First year trying to pick every game and get some laughs. Under 50% on both. Thanks for reading! Hopefully the picks improve. Don't count on the jokes.