Week 16 Sunday Late Games: Great Success!

Jacksonville (10-4)  -4.5  at SAN FRANCISCO (4-10)

So, the top 3 teams in the AFC are the Pats, the Steelers, and the Jags.

The Jags hold the tiebreaker edge over both the Pats and the Steelers.

So if the Pats and Steelers both don't win out, the Jags have the inside track to home field advantage through the playoffs.

But the biggest surprise without a doubt has been Blake Bortles. He’s got a QB rating of 89.7, and a QBR of 58.5. We discussed this last week, but WTF are these ratings? For now, we’re going to assume that it’s like the SAT and the ACT, and that these scores are ….. normal? Bortles’ career QB rating is 81, so 89 is about 10% better.  And he’s been lighting it up the past 3 weeks. Averaging 300 yards, 10 yds per attempt, completing 71% of his throws. 7TDs vs 0 INTs.

We honestly don't know what is happening, but the Jags should be complimented for their season.               


Jimmy G will have trouble with this defense. Unless they look directly into his eyes and get lost.

Pick: Jaguars -4.5

ARIZONA (6-8)  -3.5  vs NY Giants (2-12)

But maybe the world isn't so upside down. The Giants still suck at special teams. Last week they managed to lose to Philly by getting an extra point, a field goal, and a punt blocked. We’re dying to watch them allow a blocked kickoff. In the meantime, we think they should hire this guy:


Davis Webb is again inactive. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Everyone who’s on the record says this kid is really good, and the team says “we want to see what we’ve got”, and the only one who’s gotten snaps other than Eli is Geno Smith.

But the Cardinals have packed it in too. Take the points. You know the Giants will miss the tying FG.

Pick: Giants +3.5

DALLAS (8-6)  -4.5  vs Seattle (8-6)

Zeke Elliott is back. Seattle just got embarrassed by the Rams. Loser is out of the playoffs. Winner will have to wait one more week before being knocked out. This should be a 3 point game. The Cowboys could really surprise everyone by throwing it a couple of times, but Dez Bryant can't get open, and Cole Beasley is Cole Beasley. Because they’ve already announced their commitment to the run, and Elliott hasn't been hit for 6 weeks, this game will grind down pretty quickly. The under is 47. Just sayin'.

Pick: Seahawks +4.5