Week 16 Early Games: That's a lot of hats!

NEW ORLEANS (10-4) -5.5 vs. Atlanta (9-5)

When these two teams meet, it’s almost always a close game. Two weeks back, Atlanta won by 3 when they intercepted a pass in the end zone late in the 4th. This was doubly satisfying as I live in Atlanta and I don’t like Drew Brees. Also, Sean Payton sealed the game for the Falcons getting a penalty for having a tantrum on the sidelines and then running on the field like a crazy person trying to call a timeout.   

PICK: Atlanta +5.5

LA Rams (10-4) -6.5 @ TENNESSEE (8-6)

If Tennessee wins this game, they eliminate the Raiders from the playoffs. This is one of three games that will decide the fate of the Raiders slim playoff hopes. The Raiders don’t deserve to be anywhere near the playoffs so hopefully one of these teams comes through. Unfortunately, it’s not gonna happen with this game.

PICK: LA Rams -6.5

NEW ENGLAND (11-3) -11.5 vs. Buffalo (8-6)

Game number 2 of Operation keep the Raiders out of the playoffs.  Nope, not happening with this one either. New England needs to win both remaining games to keep home field advantage throughout the playoffs. No matter how old Brady has looked of late, the Pats know the importance of home field. Pats will win, but we are picking Buffalo as the MeUndies Backdoor Cover of the Week.

PICK: Buffalo +11.5

KANSAS CITY (8-6) -10.5 vs. Miami (6-8)

Game 3. This time it’ll happen. All KC needs to do to win the AFC West and also knock the Raiders out of the playoffs is win this game. Sweet revenge for Chiefs.

Game Prop we'd like to see: Who throws more TDs to Chiefs players? 

  • Alex Smith -110

  • Jay Cutler -110


CAROLINA (10-4) -10.5 vs. Tampa Bay (4-10)

How quickly can we get through this game to see what type of hat Cam Newton wears to his post-game press conference? 

My top three choices:

  1. Giant foam cowboy hat

  2. Baseball helmet with beer cans on the sides

  3. Coonskin hat similar to the one worn by Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story

Over/under on number of hats Cam owns is 180. We're pounding the over. 


LA Chargers (7-7) -6.5 @ NY JETS (5-9)

The Chargerist thing that could happen would be if they ended their playoff hopes by losing to the Jets. In a weird coincidence, both the Chargers and the Chiefs played the Jets and Giants in the Meadowlands. The Chargers beat the Giants early in the season. Late December is a much different story weather wise. Rivers will throw enough interceptions to keep this game close and the Jets may pull off the upset. Also, just wanted to remind everyone that the likely AFC West champion Chiefs lost to both the Jets and the Giants this season.


WASHINGTON (6-8) -3.5 vs. Denver (5-9)

Washington has so many injuries I am not sure they will be able to suit up 11 guys on both sides of the ball. It looks like Denver may have finally turned a corner in this lost season. After losing 8 straight games, Denver has won two in a row. Maybe they finally convinced their 3 headed QB monster to stop throwing TDs to the other team.

PICK: Denver +3.5

Detroit (8-6) -5.5 @ CINCINNATI (5-9)

This is the second to last game of the Marvin Lewis farewell tour. In his tenure, Lewis did a great job turning the Bengals around to a perennial contender that no one wanted to face in the regular season, but everyone wanted to face in round 1 of the playoffs. Detroit needs to win this game to stay keep their small chance at making the playoffs. Not even Detroit can blow this game. After this comment, all smart bettors would fade this pick. Lucky for me, I am not a smart bettor.

PICK: Detroit -5.5

CHICAGO (4-10) -6.5 vs. Cleveland (0-14)

I asked Deshone Kizer to guest write this week’s game note, but his email was intercepted before it got to me #KizerSo-So #dadjokes


PICK: Cleveland +6.5