Week 15 Thursday Night: We're Rooting for the Sky Cam

Denver (4-9) -2.5 @ INDIANAPOLIS (3-10)

You know it’s a shitty game when NBC previewed the game during Sunday night’s broadcast by featuring the use of the sky cam view rather than mentioning players from either team. Go Sky Cam!


No way the Colts can recover this quickly after playing an overtime game in a blizzard in Buffalo. While the game was very fun to watch from the comfort and warmth of my couch, the finish was just downright stupid and cost us cashing in our favorite fantasy survivor pool. When the Colts scored late they correctly went for two. Make it and they win 8-7, game over. Miss it and they lose 7-6, game over. They make it but get called for offensive PI. Now, instead of going for two from the 12-yard line, they elect to kick a 43-yard extra point in a blizzard. 64-year-old Adam Vinateri hooks in the improbable PAT to tie the game. After a gift INT by Joe Web, Vinateri has a FG attempt to win the game in regulation but he misses. The game goes to OT. Nobody wants this. At all. Sure, it was fun, but overtime. Now we just felt bad for these guys. The game should have been over 4 or 5 times already. In the extra period, LeSean McCoy picks up 40 yards and the game winning TD – 10 fantasy points alone in OT. Why do I bring this up? Because the team that knocked us out had McCoy and they beat us by 8. Still. So. Bitter.

Denver’s D finally showed up last week and they throttled the Jets. Not even Trevor, Brock and Paxton – the Moe, Larry & Curly of QB depth charts – could screw this one up. Now, on a short week, they get a team that suffered a tough, emotional, frigid loss only 4 days ago. No amount of Emergen-C could get the Colts immune systems ready to play again so soon. In this battle of two shitty teams, we’ll take the healthier of the two. Even though Denver is a short favorite on the road, we think they pull this one out by at least a TD.


PICK: Denver -2.5