The Double Gronkowski: Week 9: 5-8 Season: 69-69

Another sub 40% week. Catching cold cards. But our season record makes us giggle. You too. Admit it.

The late game "Take the Short Home Dog no Matter What" strategy went 2-2 (of course). We did pick the Lions to win but picked Packers + 2.5 to keep to the strategy. There's a lesson in there somewhere. We're just not sure what it is.

Other lessons:

  • You can divide the league into good/bad teams, and when two good teams (or two bad teams) are playing, you should only look at their good vs good or bad vs bad records.

  • The Eagles and Cowboys are good. Fine. We said it. You happy now?

  • The Packers will be better (but still not good) when allow Hundley to run a hurry-up offense.

  • We're not sold on the Saints, but they got the Mo right now, and that counts for a lot in this league.

  • The Giants and Niners are very bad. Anyone who bets on them should have their wallet taken away. Of course they're playing each other next week. We feel sorry for New Yorkers and San Franciscans (Fransiscoers?), who will "get" to watch this game.