Week 9 Thursday Game: We’re just here so we won't get fined.

Buffalo (5-2)  -3.5  at NY JETS (3-5)

The league is a better place with Marshawn Lynch in it. We’re not talking infinite Marshawns, Rick and Morty style, but we like having just the one. For example, he gives us a perfect way to consider tonight's Bills/Jets tilt:


(Note from our lawyer: This is a trademarked phrase. So our official perspective on tonight's game is “We’re just here so we don't get fined, TM 2015, Marshawn Lynch”.)

There’s a lot going on tonight. You have the Jets as a home underdog, still surprising at 3-5 after giving away 14-0 leads two weeks in a row. The Bills have traditionally been an emotional team, running hot and cold. Current temperature setting: Hot. McCoy and Taylor are playing great, they beat the snot out of the Marshawn-less Raiders, and they just traded for Kelvin Benjamin, who may turn into a red zone beast now that he’s outside of that bizarre Carolina offense.

We think this one might get out of control quickly. The Jets fall apart towards the end of games, so the short week is really going to hurt them if it’s conditioning-related. The Bills are feeling themselves right now, which makes them super dangerous even on the road. Look for Taylor to be chucking it all over the field early and then McCoy to take over in the second half.

Don't feel bad for Jets fans. Back in August, 3 wins was a good bet for them for the full season. They’re already playing with house money.

And don't feel bad for Marshawn. He’ll always have a career stealing the show in Xbox ads:

Pick: Bills -3.5