Week 7 Thursday Night: 8 Games a Week!

Kansas City (5-1) -2.5 at OAKLAND (2-4)

Our product gets better as the week goes on. Kind of like the NFL. Rely on our picks for these shameless revenue grabs, we mean Thursday games, at your own risk. Same goes for watching them.

Which brings us to an idea. 8 GAMES A WEEK. It goes like this.

  • 10-12 days rest between games. No exceptions

  • 15 games per team per year (yes, NFL, we know we’re suggesting fewer games. Wait for it)

  • 8 games per week. One every day, and two on Sundays.

  • A. Football. Game. Every. Day.

  • And a longer season as well by the calendar. About 7 months including playoffs.

  • Healthier players, better football, more games to watch, more revenue.

We’re sure the scheduling will be complicated, but we think it’s mathematically possible. If we as a society can teach our toasters to talk to the internet, someone can figure this one out.

Thursday games stink, but we watch them anyway. This is because we will watch any game, because NFL football is a great spectator sport. Ratings are down 7.5%, but not nearly as much as TV generally. And also not nearly as much as the decline in the game this year. How much worse is it? If a group of scientists submitted a proof that it was 20% worse than last year, would you disagree? 30% worse?

Currently there are games on 3 days - Thursday, Sunday, Monday. Plus several Saturdays.

There are 7 days in a week. Since the NFL clearly is willing to put an inferior product on the field for a new TV night/revenue opportunity, why don’t they go all the way, and give players a break at the same time. Everybody wins … except for every relationship between a fan and a non-fan. We think The Shield will be A-OK with themselves regarding this, just like every other moral dilemma it has faced. They’ll sleep like babies.

But until the league’s collective mind is un-blown by this idea, we’ll have Thursday night games with short rest. The Raiders are a short home dog, and this is the year of the underdog. Also, Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, and Marshawn Lynch are leading the league in Something To Prove. The Chiefs are bad at two things: run defense (28th, 5.0 yards per carry) and big plays (most runs over 10 yds / passes over 15). We think this is exactly what Oakland needs. It’s how the Steelers exposed them last week.

If the Raiders give up on the run halfway through the game, we give up on them as a good football team.

PICK: Raiders +2.5