Week 7 (Part 1): It's Moo!

Denver (2-4) -2.5 @ ARIZONA (1-5)        

Denver came away with a miracle backdoor cover against the Rams last week, just like we predicted. Even so, I don’t think this team has shown enough to be favored. Even against the lowly Cardinals. Strange things happen on Thursday night. I’m fading the team that’s lost 4 in row and is somehow giving points on the road!?!


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LA CHARGERS (4-2) -6.5 vs. Tennessee (3-3)    

This game is in London, 9:30 am ET kickoff. Chargers are the home team and expect to have more fans in London then they do at home games in LA.

I don’t think Marcus Mariota is any good, at all. For that matter, neither is the Titans offensive line. Mariota was sacked 11 times last week! The Ravens have a great defense, but c’mon, 11 times! 

These London games tend to be one sided and this one will be no different. Chargers, big. 


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New England (4-2) -3.5 @ CHICAGO (3-2)

Chicago tried really hard to lose last week in Miami. After being gifted a goal line turnover by the Dolphins on a potential game winning TD, all the Bears needed to do was kick a field goal to win the game in OT. They moved the ball just to the edge of field goal territory with ease and then decided to play super conservatively, settling for a game winning 53-yard field goal. They missed, of course, because all kickers suck these days. Miami took advantage of the short field and actually made a kick to win the game.

New England is coming off one of the most entertaining games of the year; winning a back and forth battle with the KC Chiefs on a last second FG. Something lost in all the excitement was the poor play of the New England defense. Whenever KC needed a big play, a receiver was wide open in the middle of the field. This week, New England will be facing a much tougher defense than worst in the league Kansas City. I expect New England to shake off the hang-over of the Chiefs game in the 2nd half and to win a very close game. Bonus bet – Bears first half. They have come out strong all year.


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Minnesota (3-2-1) -3.5 @ NY JETS (3-3)

I don’t care what anyone says, I think Saquan Barkley was the right pick for the Giants. And I bet Sam Darnold does too. In a Freaky Friday type scenario – the Jets and Giants have swapped places, with the Jets playing the role of a young Lindsay Lohan (vibrant and full of promise) while the Giants take on the role of present day Lindsay (downtrodden and bat-sh*t crazy).


If you put Darnold on the Giants, there is no way he plays as well as he has so far. Let’s end the conversation now. Barkley was the right pick for the Giants and Darnold is happy to be on the Jets.

Minnesota was deemed a Super Bowl contender at the start of the season but they have struggled so far. The defense has looked awful and is in the bottom 1/3 of most defensive stats. The offense has had its moments but hasn’t fully clicked with QB Kirk Cousins. I actually think these teams are evenly matched so I love getting the 3.5 at home.


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PHILADELPHIA (3-3) -4.5 vs. Carolina (3-2)     

My least favorite team vs. my least favorite Newton. I think I hate Cam more than I hate all things Philly and that is 100% what I am basing this pick on. How the hell are the Panthers 3-2?


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MIAMI (4-2) -1.5 vs. Detroit (2-3)

The Del Boca Vista Mafia must have had some influence in last week’s game. Dolphins had no business winning that game. But they somehow pulled it out and are sitting at 4-2, tied for first in the AFC East with the Pats (down the tie-break though based on head to head loss).

Detroit is sitting in the cellar of the NFC Norris (pour one out for Chris Berman) but they are only a game back. Is Matt Patricia actually a good coach? And are the Lions buying into his process? We’ll see. The Lions are coming off a bye with a road game in Miami. They will either be motivated, well-rested and ready to play or sun-tanned, hung over and still on vacation. I think Patricia is on to something and the team will be ready to go.

PICK: Detroit +1.5

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TAMPA BAY (2-3) -3.5 @ Cleveland (2-3-1)       

Can we talk about the last play in last week’s Falcons/Bucs game?

Great play call, shaky execution. As soon as Jameis fumble laterals the ball to the left, the ball can only be advanced by Jameis Winston. Everything after that fumble is moo(t).


Yes, it was exciting. But it wasn’t a legal play. And if Jackson had caught the lateral from Evans he would have been blasted out of bounds by at least two Falcons. At the end of the day, it wasn’t close to being a TD at all.  

The Bucs won’t have the benefit of facing the Falcons defense this week. Cleveland’s D is pretty good. This game will come down to which QB will have a more epic screw up – Winston or Mayfield. Sharp money is on Winston to throw a late game “Peterman” (credit to Chad Millman for the “Peterman”). Browns money line is the play of the week.

PICK: Cleveland +3.5

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