Week 4: 'Nuff Said!

Trying something new. Shorter discussion of each game. Maybe we won’t overthink things. Assumes we were doing a lot of thinking before, but still.

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LA RAMS (3-0) -6.5 vs Minnesota (1-1-1)

I benched Kirk Cousins in fantasy after last week. ‘Nuff said!

Pick: Minnesota +6.5
Bonus Pick: Kirk Cousins over 2.5 TDs: +250
3 Fireball shots!

Sunday early
ATLANTA (1-2) -5.5 vs Cincinnati (2-1)


There is a falcon hospital in Abu Dhabi. So. Many. Questions.

  • Abu Dhabi?

  • Are the doctors and nurses falcons too?

  • Is it a huge birdhouse with lots of holes for each room?

  • Do they arrive in falcon ambulances?

  • Do the ambulances fly?

  • Is falcon hospital food bad?

  • Does the falcon physical therapy ward have padded floor for when they have to learn to fly again

  • When they learn to fly again and soar away heroically, do they just keep flying?

  • If they fly away, who pays the bill? Falcon insurance?

Most of Atlanta’s defense is there right now.

Pick: Bengals +5.5
3 Fireball shots!

INDIANAPOLIS (1-2) -1.5 vs Houston (0-3)

Andrew Luck has made Indy more competitive than expected. As long as the game isn't “First to throw the ball more than 10 yards”, he’s back! Houston’s nightmare will continue.

Pick: Indy -1.5
3 Fireball shots!


CHICAGO (2-1) -2.5 vs. Tampa Bay (2-1)

We are one bad Fitzpatrick game away from Jameis Winston. Fitzpatrick is the first player to throw for over 400 yards in 3 straight games. However, he threw 3 INTs vs. the Steelers and finished with a QBR of 36.4%. Bring on the crab legs!

3 Fireball shots!

GREEN BAY (1-1-1) -9.5 vs Buffalo (1-2)

We have front row seats on the Josh Allen bandwagon. Strictly a 3-4 week trip, but it’s going to be fun. Aaron Rodgers’ insurance denied his falcon hospital claim. Dude is not healthy.

Pick: Bills +9.5
2 Fireball shots


DALLAS (1-2) -3.5 vs. Detroit (1-2)

Cowboys are one long pass to Tavon Austin away from being 0-3. Lions finally got their first 100-yard rusher since Reggie Bush (Thanksgiving 2015). What are we missing?

PICK: Detroit +3.5
2 Fireball shots

NEW ENGLAND (1-2) -6.5 vs Miami (3-0)

The Pats treat the first 4 weeks with complete disdain. Miami has won ugly against the Jets, Raiders, and Titans. The ’72 Dolphins can breathe easy. The 2018 Dolphins won't be undefeated come Monday.

Pick: Pats -6.5
2 Fireball shots

Tennessee would beat the Little Giants on a last-second FG.

Tennessee would beat the Little Giants on a last-second FG.

Philadelphia (2-1) -3.5 at TENNESSEE (2-1)

Philly should win, but we’re taking the hook. Tennessee plays everybody close.

Pick: Titans +3.5
2 Fireball shots

JACKSONVILLE (2-1) -7.5 vs NY Jets (1-2)

The Jets are coming apart at the seams after 3 games. Congratulations to the Jets for making it 3 games. Buffalo has a higher percentage chance to win the AFC East than the Jets. That’s bad.

Pick: Jacksonville -7.5
1 Fireball shot


Sunday Late
New Orleans (2-1) -3.5 @ NY GIANTS (1-2)

If you watched Monday night’s game, this image is all too familiar. Adding Drew Brees to this scenario is bad news for the Giants. Still, we love a home team getting more than 3.

3 Fireball shots!

OAKLAND (0-3) -2.5 vs. Cleveland (1-1-1)

Baker Mayfield taking over in week 3 gave as much hope to Brown’s fans as Lebron’s return to Cleveland letter did for Cavs fans.

PICK: Cleveland +2.5
2 Fireball shots


Seattle (1-2) -3.5 @ ARIZONA (0-3)

The Josh Rosen era begins and I’m still picking Arizona. Says a lot about the state of things in Seattle.

1 Fireball shot


LA CHARGERS (1-2) -10.5 vs. San Francisco (1-2)

Way too many points to trust the Chargers in this situation – even with CJ Beathard at QB for the 49ers.

PICK: San Francisco +10.5
1 Fireball shot


Sunday Prime Time
PITTSBURGH (1-1-1) -3.5 vs. Baltimore (2-1)

Bet the over on personal fouls in what is sure to be a 3-pt game.  

PICK: Baltimore +3.5
3 Fireball shots!


Monday Night
Kansas City (3-0) -5.5 @ DENVER (2-1)

Change “Alex Smith” to “Salad” and “Patrick Mahomes” to “Pizza” and it still works. We are so all in on Mahomes and the Chiefs that it might be smart to start fading them. Nah, not this week.

PICK: Kansas City -5.5
2 Fireball shots