Week 4 Thursday

GREEN BAY (2-1)   -7.5  vs Chicago (1-2)              

You want to give the points. Admit it. Aaron Rodgers. At home. vs Bears. Island game. Yes, let those feelings in, become one with them. It will be that much easier to let them go when you realize it’s time to let the memory of 2014 free.

Sure, Rodgers will catch Chicago with 12 men on the field once, maybe twice. In that way he’s like the kid you went to 3rd grade with who was good at stuff but always cheated just a little bit. But …. How good is the Pack?

  • 69 yards rushing a game. Their O-line is suffering.

  • Overtime. Cincinnati.

  • 17 pts vs early-season Seahawks. (Of course it would have been enough to win 5 games vs them, but that’s a Seattle problem.)

  • Got beat by Falcons worse than score indicates

  • 322 pass yards a game

So no rushing, close games, lots of passing yards, not a ton of points. Wait …. Has Aaron Rodgers become Drew Brees?

Chicago gets a little benefit of the doubt. We don’t know what to make of them. ATL is their only opponent who does not have multiple personalities right now, and they made it Oh. So. Close.

But we know this. It’s a new day on Thurs Night Football after the score-fest last week, making this an over bet and also the MeUndies Back Door Cover of the Week.

 Pick: Da Bears +7.5, over 45.5