Week 3 Monday

Dallas (1-1)  -3.5vs ARIZONA (1-1)                                                            

Arizona’s home opener, after 2 weeks on the road. We don't blame them for not wanting to be in Arizona in September.

This game comes down to one thing. Battle in the trenches. Forget about the Cardinals offense – Palmer is over the hill, David Johnson is a fantasy murderer, receivers hurt, etc. etc. They’ll put up 20-30 points in this game. If you haven't looked, Dallas’ D is suspect. Denver lit them up. Even the Giants scored on them. Now they play a still half-decent offense. Arizona will score.

So what’s left for Dak and Zeke? If they can push the line and get some yards before contact (like they did vs Giants), they should control the game. If not (like vs Broncos), it will get ugly fast. AZ is solid on the defensive side of the football, and allowing less than 80 yds/game on the road and 2.8 yds/carry. That last stat is important if you think it’s going to matter at the line of scrimmage.

PICK: Arizona +3.5