Week 3 Late Games

TENNESSEE (1-1)  -2.5vs Seattle (1-1)

  • Still September on Sunday? Check.

  • Seattle still coached by Pete Carroll? Check. (Atta boy! Love your spirit! Give your teammate a hug! No coach has ever been as proud of a group of guys!)

  • Seattle still averaging 0.5 TD / game? Check

  • Seattle D playing bend but dont break football? Check

  • Bend but dont break still a risky strategy? Check

  • Tennessee score some points vs JAX D? Check

  • Seattle still doesnt care about September? Check

Give the points. If Tennessee hits a FG, it may be too big a hole to dig out of. Oh, and under 42 is tempting but stay far away from that line. If Tennessee gets on a roll the game could be 31-14.              

PICK: Titans -2.5. Not yet, Seattle.                                                          


GREEN BAY (1-1)  -8.5vs Cincinnati (0-2)                                                           

We read a few things before writing these notes. Mostly Dilbert, but some football message boards, too. And oh man, Cincy fans are just mean to Marvin Lewis. Pete Carroll wants to give him a hug.

It's not his fault that Dalton has thrown 4 picks and is averaging 197 yds a game with a 54% completion percentage. Or that their leading rusher has 50 yards. Or that nobody has scored a touchdown this year. That sounds like an offensive line problem. Trust us, we're Giants fans. We know of what we speak.

Rodgers got embarrassed in prime time. That used to be his time. You know, before his brother got all in his business by going on the Bachelor.

Cincy is not this bad, but you wont know it until Week 4 @ Cleveland. By that time Lewis will be buying a ticket like the other 7,400 people who will attend that game.

PICK: Packers -all the points. Over 46.5 (double bonus if you can bet just Packers over 46.5)                       

Kansas City (2-0)  -3.5vs LA CHARGERS (0-2)

nother good game in the bandbox that is the Stubhub center. (We like old-timey baseball language.) I've watched 3 Chargers games so far this year, so I'm already pretty high on the all-time appearances list. The stadium really is something else. It's like being at a college football game. And not a good school. I'm talking like The Waterboy small. The Muddogs are going to the Bourbon Bowl! Very chill enviornment, good food - there's a place to get an acai bowl or a bulletproof coffee (#thisisla) - and many, many fans from the other team. During the preseason we went to the first game, and there were 2 girls behind us wearing Seahawks jerseys. Then we went to the second, and the same 2 girls were wearing Saints jerseys! That just seemed like trolling.

Oh yeah, almost forgot they occasionally play football there too. The Chargers are star-crossed. They do everything they can to keep games close. They also play in Thunderdome, aka AFC West. ""All AFC West playoff teams, please step forward. Not you, San Di....Angeles""

Chiefs bandwagon? ""Completely full, sorry. Please wait for some space to open up."" We think it happens this week. Alex Smith falls to earth just a little, and Rivers puts some points on the board. A closer game than people expect. Take the hook.

PICK: Chargers +3.5

Oakland (2-0)  -3.5vs WASHINGTON (1-1)

You’re taking the hook here. Don't even question it. If the Jets don't fumble a punt, this line is 1, the other way. It’s pretty evenly matched, if you don't include “collective national sports media hard-on” as a category. Oakland offense gets a + over Washington, but don't sleep on Washington in this game. We think they’re figuring out the offense, and they still have some weapons. Jordan Reed is questionable, so that’s an upgrade from his typical “parts missing” by week 3.

The Raiders defense is playing bend but don't break, just like Seattle. 320 yards a game allowed isn't amazing. It’s plainly average. It will be a shootout and may come down to the last play. You'll thank us for having 3.5 points in your pocket.

PICK: Redskins +3.5, over 55.