Week 3 Thursday game

LA Rams (1-1)  -2.5 vs SAN FRANCISCO (0-2)

Go to the movies instead. Dunkirk. Like this game, only one side at Dunkirk had an offense. Niners touchdowns....zero. Dunkirk is 1:46 long. You're welcome for the 90 minutes of life that we just gave back to you. Go do something positive.

We heard a sportsbook manager refer to Thursday, Monday, and London games as "island" games. We thought that was cool, but then we learned it's because there are no other games near it. Not because these two teams would play on an island and only one got to come back. Seriously, a relegation structure would be good for the NFL. Problem is the next best league is the Lingerie League. Not the best combination given the NFL's string of recent, um, bad relationships.

Even with all that .... just don't trust the Rams. The early-season bandwagon may have been a stop or two early. A young QB and erratic offense that may outweigh a strong defense. Also, everyone assumes 49ers are never going to win another game.

Pick: Dunkirk -3.5, Niners +2.5